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Hiring new graduates

Digimerce is hiring new graduates.
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Career recruitment

Application Requirements

Business content

Management of existing business operations for apps and web services.

【In particular】

  • Management of existing services, sales management
  • PL management such as budget formulation and budget progress management
  • Negotiations for content acquisition
  • User-focused UI / UX management Quality control
  • Promotion plan planning and analysis
  • Brand building for each service
  • Planning and project management when launching new services
  • Staff education for each group
  • Summary of groups organized by genre (music, books, videos, public competitions, etc.)

Required knowledge / experience

  • Experience in directing content services using mobile
  • Those who have practical experience in business budget formulation, budget progress management, etc.
  • Experience in project management for web services and smartphone apps
  • Those who have management experience of 5 or more staff

Such a person is active

  • Those who are motivated to further develop existing services by utilizing their experience in the content business
  • Those who want to plan new services by utilizing the know-how cultivated in existing services

Business content

You will mainly provide project progress support and technical support to the service management department of your company’s service.

【In particular】

  • Upstream maintenance of billing payment system connected from each service
  • Responding to inquiries about billing payment systems, surveying logs, etc.
  • For additional development, in-house adjustment, requirement definition, specification determination, acceptance test
  • New service planning, technical support for adding functions
  • Maintenance and update work of in-house system
  • Purchase adjustment, setup, etc. of in-house PCs, etc.

I hope that you will play an active role in the system for projects such as service planning and launch.
* We will not be in charge of everything, but will decide the person in charge from the field of specialty.

Since you can be involved in many services, you will acquire the operational know-how of service systems and knowledge about the flow of communication carrier payment agency.

In addition, you can obtain a wide range of knowledge from service planning to release and operation.

Required knowledge / experience

  • Manager and leader experience
  • project management
  • Development experience in Perl (development experience in data formatting, batch processing, etc.)
  • Development experience with PHP (development of web service utilizing some framework)
  • Service operation experience on Linux server

Such a person is active

  • Development experience using Laravel (PHP framework)
  • Project progress and progress management with external development vendors
  • Linux server construction experience

Business content

Marketing of in-house services, promotion strategy planning.

【In particular】

  • Effect analysis for the realization of promotion plans
  • Negotiation work with agents
  • Planning of promotion strategies, etc.

You can be involved in various advertising activities as well as commercials, affiliate advertisements, listing advertisements, etc. such as how to make our products known to more people and how many people can use them.

Required knowledge / experience

  • Being able to perform basic operations of Microsoft Office (Excel / Word / PowerPoint / Outlook, etc.)
  • Those who have business skills as a member of society

Such a person is active

  • Experience in SEM and listing advertising
  • Those who have experience learning statistics
  • Those who have practical experience in agency business and marketing business


Salary revision4 times a year
BonusTwice a year (June, December)
Holiday vacationComplete weekly two-day system
Holidays, New Year holidays, paid leave, condolence leave, prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare and nursing care leave
InsuranceEmployment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension, workers’ accident compensation insurance
Welfare・ Medical checkup
・ Health insurance association (Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association) can use recreational facilities
・ Condolence money
・ President’s Award
Work locationShinagawa-ku, Tokyo (Headquarters)
Working hours9:30 – 18:30
Recruitment record schoolWaseda University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Gakuin University, Keio University, Komazawa University, Narumi University, Meiji Gakuin University, Toyo University, Surugadai University, Bunka University, Takushoku University, Rikkyo University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University

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