[Important] Notice regarding service failure has been posted <as of June 17, 2022>

[Important] Notice regarding service failure

<As of June 17, 2022>

Thank you for using the service of Digimers Co., Ltd.

From around 14:40 on Thursday, April 28, 2022, an event has occurred in which the service cannot be accessed, causing great inconvenience and concern to customers and business partners using the service. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

1. 1. Date and time of occurrence

Continued from around 14:40 on Thursday, April 28, 2022


2. 2. Target service

    • dgiftSNS
      [Recovery on May 1]


    • HAPPY! Uta Full
      [Recovery on May 31]


    • HAPPY! Video
      [Recovery on May 8]


    • HAPPY! Comics
      [Recovery on May 8]


    • WIN! Horse racing
      [Restored on May 21]


    • Photo decoration
      [Restored on May 25]


    • moviefit
      [Restored on May 23]


    • Crayon Shin-chan
      It’s the weather forecast!
      [Restored on May 27]


    • Crayon Shin-chan
      It’s a convenient calendar!
      [Restored on May 27]


    • Crayon Shin-chan DX
      [Recovery on May 6]


    • HAPPY! Uta
      [Restored on June 3]


    • HAPPY! Song movie
      [Restored on June 7]


    • HAPPY! MUSIC +


    • HAPPY! Melody
      [Restored on June 17]


    • HAPPY! Uta Channel


    • HAPPY! Decome


    • HAPPY! Emoji


    • HAPPY! Kisekae


    • HAPPY! My character


    • HAPPY! Kisekae @HOME
      [Restored on June 9]


    • Pocketpedia


    • Pocket Eigo


    • HAPPY! Fortune-telling
      [Restored on June 9]



3. 3. Cause and response status

Due to a cloud server failure of CEC Co., Ltd., a server operation contractor, it seems that an accident occurred in which a large number of servers on the cloud and data were lost.


The company is investigating the details.


■ CEC Co., Ltd.
[BizVision] Notification of failure occurrence (2nd report)



■ CEC Co., Ltd.
“Regarding the situation of disability and future measures
(As of May 13, 2022) “


4. Future response

We will continue to work on service restoration work and investigation to identify the cause of the failure.

In addition, for customers using the content distribution service, we plan to apologize and compensate for the service points and gift certificates when the service is resumed.


We will keep you informed of any progress, so please wait for a while.